Mixing & Mastering

$300 Flat rate for Mixing & Mastering

$50 per song for Mastering

(inquire on album/mixtape) 


 Request for longer sessions must be emailed to contactcalez@gmail.com



$150 per hour



A 50% deposit is required to book (non-refundable), you can paypal/quickpay to contactcalez@gmail.com.

Minimum of 3 hours (request for extended sessions must be emailed to us)

Mixing is included if you give us time to do it.

We clock you for the time that you book.

If you finish early, the extra time will be added on to your next session. (we do not pro-rate our prices)

Bring instrumentals/beats/track outs preferably on USBs or email to yourself.

To speed up the clean edit process, provide the time stamps and words that must be edited.

Be sure to include time at the end of your session to “bounce” tracks out in real time.

If you need clean edits, show versions, etc., request them during your session.

We will keep files but just in case bring your own drive to back up your own sessions.

No refunds.